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Meet Valerie and Amy. They're my first two ocs ever.

Any is 16 while Valerie is about 17-18. Both take part in a sexual life, but Both lives are greatly different! More info will be added later

Valerie is one tough girl. She lost her boyfriend when a supernatural, human like alien had come to her planet when searching for his sister. Now, he serves her, but gets carried away upon his own sexual desiers.

Amy Is 16 years old, and is a new student. She is often taken advantage of, and school boys with sexual desires will consume her in the bathroom stalls, behind the bleechers, or anywhere they please.

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two things: 

one, if I'm not on this account, I am on :iconpixeldollprincess:

Second, remember these two? Valerie Princeton - All around OC by Artist-Of-The-FutureDane - All around OC by Artist-Of-The-Future 
Well, I'm going to revamp their designs, and make a few alternates for the fiction, then I'll be writing it ;)


United States
:iconredheart-plz::iconorangeheart-plz::iconyellowheartplz::icongreenheartplz::iconwelcome2plz::iconwelcome3plz: to my page :iconblueheartplz::iconvioletheartplz::iconblack-heartplz::iconpinkheart-plz:

Hello everyone :) Midori isn't my real name, but it's the name I would like you all to call me if you want to chat :) I would really respect it if I didn't get any thanks for the faves, so PLEASE read this before you post anything on my page :) I love to make cross over fan fics :) Right now Im working on a Voyager/ the walking dead/ Guitar hero /Code lyoko / Kingdom hearts / Dead or alive / Assassins creed / Super Princess Peach Fan fic :) I will be posting a little "preview" shortly (7/7/12).

Just wanted to make a few edits to this today~ <3 Alright, so I've made it aparent that this is A "Doll maker" DeviantART, now. On my main, I don't do doll makers, and I like using Doll makers, but I do real art on my main. so here is where I will do my D.M. Art. :) Enjoy~ (12/1/12)

I've decided I will upload SOME art. Only digital Art though. and it will be RARE also, probably only scenes from my fan fictions/lituatures.

I am finally writing, drawing (traditionally and digitally), and pixel dolling here. Still expect doll makers, as they help me design my ocs, but I'll draw a lot more :)

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